•  house rules – guidelines – rental forms
  •    House rules – liability :
  1. Quite time is 11 pm. Guests should not create excessive noise that disturbs neighbors.
  2. must park vehicle at designated parking area at all times, unless loading or unloading. Vehicles not authorized to stay will be towed.
  3. must not drop or leave garbage or recycling other than were garbage cans or recycling bins are.
  4. smoking of any type or vaping is not allowed in the suite.
  5. people other than renter and those in rental party set forth may not stay overnight on the property.
  6. the renter agrees to leave the suite and property as they received it and keep all furnishing in good order
  7. use appliances only for their intended use.
  8. shooting fireworks or firearms are prohibited.
  9. fires are not allowed on premises except for supplied propane firepit
  10. pets not allowed anywhere in premises.

  •  The renter agrees to leave the property and suite the way they received it and to abide by the property and house rules as listed above under property house rules while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else the renter permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property
  •  The renter agrees to pay the owner for any damages to the premises and property including but not limited to furnishings, household items, which will occur as a result of the renters occupancy
  • the renter may not transfer the agreement to another party
  • the renter hereby agrees to reimburse the owner for any penalty that may be imposed on the homeowner by the court due to violation upon the premises through fault of the renter therein , the rental party, his or her family members or guests

  • All terrain/off road vehicles-snow machine-powered recreational vehicles

  ** permission must be obtained and a form must be filled before bringing any all terrain vehicle, off road vehicle, snowmobile or any other type of powered recreational vehicle- NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Recreational Vehicles

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